I found myself in High Sec wondering what to do next. On a whim I boarded a Claw and headed off to a system that I had heard of but never visited. The reason for the trip was two fold, first was to enjoy Eve on full noise thanks to a new Graphics card, the second because I just felt it was time to go to places I had heard so much about and yet never been to.

Just to clarify, I am not going to write about what happened at each of these sites, there is plenty of information available and it is written by people who were there. I remember both quite clearly, but I wasn’t actually there when it happened.

The first visit was to the Historic Location: the remains of Steve.

Steve Wreck complete with Sansha Guards

C9N-CC, in Esoteria, is about 51 jumps from my High Sec lair. In true Yadot style I didn’t take the easy route and headed off via Amarr and Khanid which added another 30 or so jumps. It also meant that I entered Deep Null Sec via Sakht and into Delve. For those of you that followed the news about the ‘end of Goon’ I am sorry to say that it doesn’t look anything like the ‘end of ASCN’ or the ‘end of BoB’. Goonswarm seem to be alive and thriving in Delve. I guess no one wanted that bit of space anyway.

C9N is currently controlled by The Afterlife and in keeping with their name they were ghostly indeed. Never saw a single pilot after jumping out of Stain. The Historic Location (not to be confused with a monument) has a beacon and is clearly visible. The Avatar Class Titan, once called Steve, rests in all it’s broken glory. From memory it didn’t survive downtime and the wreck disappeared. Player base lobbying saw CCP resurrect it and eventually place a beacon.

I jumped back into Stain for the long journey back to Syndicate. After about 10 jumps I had a change of heart. There was another place in Eve that I had heard about and never visited. I turned right and headed to Curse. 12 minutes later I had arrived at the site of one of the largest fleet battle to date.

The second visit was to B-R5RB and the Titanomachy Monument.

Titanomachy Monument

B-R5RB, in Immensea, is currently controlled by Infamous. Once again no one was home so I was free to get a couple of shots from different angles. The shots don’t do the site justice. It is one enormous debris field full of Titans, Supers and Caps. Not sure why CCP place a bizarre structure at the site, when a beacon would be sufficient, but I have given up trying to figure out why CCP do the things they do.

The easiest way home for me from here was to run up through Catch and Curse and enter High Sec via Litom.

A Bubble Trap

A nice bubble tarp complete with de-cloakers

Looking at the Utopia gate made me smile, if I had taken a Cov Ops ship I would be de-cloaked and in a bubble. Ingenious little trap.

That isn’t the end of my travels. The map has a function to show all the systems you have visited. I was surprised to look at mine and see that I really haven’t travelled that far out of Empire Space and there are great voids. The way systems highlighted are a bit hit and miss. I have been in systems that don’t show, however systems I visited in 2006 are visible. Maybe I just thought I had been to places, who knows.

My Information – Systems Visited

Plenty of places to go


The above shows my travels in the last 10 years. And at first glance it seems a bit empty but I have never had a reason to travel outside my operations area. Yellow dots indicate travel this year and late last year. Red is pretty much everything else. Highlighted clearly is the recent run down through Delve, Period Basis, Stain, Catch and Curse and then back up through Derelik.

I was located in Syndicate when the shot was taken and the highlighted circle on the right of the map, with a couple of other red dots that seem random, are wormhole exits I have taken.

This map says a lot about where I have been and what I have done in Eve.
The journey is far from over.

Fly Safe as Always,



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