All is Forgiven

My recent posts haven’t been all that positive so I stepped outside and gave myself a very solid uppercut and am pleased to say that I love Eve again.

I went out and purchased some new hardware. Some of the issue/ problems/ bugs that I experienced recently have disappeared. PI scanning is back to normal and so is black screen on station exit. This was something I hadn’t written about but was annoying all the same.

One of the more unexpected ‘fixes’ was the slight time lag I was experiencing between clicking a module and its activation. I just thought it was a bad connection to the Eve Servers. I had run traces a few times, even using the new launcher trace tool, but they had been inconclusive. The problem no longer exists.

I downloaded the full client and installed it fresh.

There is something truly wonderful about the intro-movie when you log in. It captures the essence of Eve and provides the back story. I had forgotten about the movie being default on a new install, it has been that long, but I let it run through on both characters.

Next was to tweak the settings and I didn’t have to do anything, graphics were maxed out which is also something I haven’t seen for a very long time. I really was excited to get in a ship and go flying, to see the universe in all its intended glory and, for the first time in a long time, hear everything.

Claw in all its magnificence

My ship, the simple Claw, was a thing of beauty. I don’t remember the wings shimmering they always looked like black blobs. There were highlights, colours, shadows and life.

I came upon a gate where a player in a Demios was dealing with Serpentis Guards and heard the battle before I saw it. The Serpentis Battle Cruiser was boosting, the Demios was blasting away. The show was spectacular.

The jump gate was majestic and the system was alive with stars and light. Concord were ever present and for once I could see that they were not all silver blobs. The Amarr were not just phallic gold members, there was bone white, greys and shades of gold with definition.

I think the last time I played Eve and truly saw it was about 5 years ago.

A stark reminder that the wife may be a bit aged and dusty but if you get a new set of glasses you can see the beauty that has always been there.

Fly Safe as Always,





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