10 Years

I posted a comment on an article written by Turamarth Elrandir and he reminded me that my toon had been in-game for 10 whole years. Honestly I had forgotten, I do have the creation date written down somewhere on this desk but it is hidden amongst PI figures and build calculations.

Having been reminded, I thought it might be time to look back over those years and reflect. The character Yadot was started a trial account on the 4th July 2006. I was a bit over DoD and CS and looking for something new. The forums provided at my workplace were full of wonderful stories and adventures so I figured I would give it a go – and here I am.

I currently have 2 accounts, Yadot is the main and his sidekick is the industrialist. I have only had one large break from Eve for about 8 months. Both accounts were in caretaker mode at the end of 2011 and into the beginning of 2012. Plenty of RL stuff going on for me and I didn’t have the luxury of spending real cash on the game.

Speaking of real cash, what was the cost for ten years – $1251.75 and $159.60 in Plex’s.
Total – $1411.35 and would have saved 100 or so buying full 12 month runs.

While other games my be free to play there is always a catch. With Eve the catch is upfront and for about $131 US dollars your account is active for a year. Not much has changed in the basic payment model, the fees have remained constant.

A few things I don’t miss:

  • Warp to gate at 15km then slow boat all the way there. I lost a rookie ship to a pirate in a  Raven once. Had I known it would have taken him half a year to lock me it would never have happened. Mark it down to a not so costly learning experience.
  • Book Marks. Some players made a living selling BM’s. The idea was to avoid the 15km slow boat mentioned above. I still have a few of the old gate ones.
  • Training queues being skill driven. I have lost countless training days because I forgot to add a new skill to the pathetic 24hr queue. Having said that it did make me log in more although I was never mad enough to set the alarm for 2am.
  • POS fueling. A large POS only ran for a week before it needed fueling, actually I think it was 4 days or something. It was a full time job for a corporation with more than one POS in action and I was that full time person with TRADA for a while.

A few things I do miss:

  • Silent systems. You could do a run from Cloud Ring to Syndicate and never see another pilot. These empty systems are still there but normally buried deep in alliance boundaries.
  • Single shot Titan DD with a 24 hour cool down. Effectively wiping entire fleets from the field in a single burst. Isk sink or what.
  • The lack of information. Eve was not well documented compared to the wealth of information available today. I have lost billions trying to figure stuff out and getting it horribly wrong but it gave me a goal.
  • The excitement of logging in.

Currently my SP is sitting around 191 million spread across all sorts of rubbish. I can fly any Minmatar ship except the Ragnorok. I can field almost any weapon with the exception of lasers. I used to dream of hitting 10 million SP because then I would be able to fly all sorts of stuff, but 10 mill comes around quickly and I think I stopped counting at 100 million.

Today I can’t even tell you what is in my queue, I know it goes for about 3 months but that’s about it.
Maybe that is the root cause of the malaise?
I don’t have a goal.

It might be time for a new adventure, I might have to head up to High Sec and clean out the hangers and look for something else to do. I have plenty of Janitors to help out but it seems they are now a realistic commodity being used in manufacturing Citadels.

I wonder what else I have tucked away that has grown in value. I know my Plex’s haven’t…

Fly Safe as Always





One thought on “10 Years

  1. 10 years. That’s a really long time to invest in a game (any game!) and is actually an achievement, especially since you’ve been subbed the whole time. I reach that heady figure in March next year, so I’m not that far behind you, but it is still an achievement and a half.


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