Initial Flurry

Short post as a holder because this week I really haven’t got anything to write about.

The Shadow of Serpentis event isn’t for me. The few times the complexes appeared in my system they were not on the list. When they were someone appeared in local as if they knew it was going to spawn. Best suited to a traveler who hunts them down. This is something I am not.

With the new interactive event and the lure of ‘awesome’ drops you would think that all those worn out from WWB would be logging in like mad.

Not so.
Player numbers on-line are down since the Citadel release. New players joining are down since a mad spike pre Citadel release.

I logged in today to clear the silo and grab some PI. I didn’t even wave to the other guy in local. I could have stayed and mined a bit, logged in my other account to rat a bit but I have RL stuff to do and the ecstasy of losing my self in the game wasn’t there this morning.

Will revisit this tomorrow and see if there is something to wrote about.

As Always, Fly Safe


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