Loggin’ On

During the week I keep an eye on several blogs, players who immerse themselves deeper in the game than I do and seem to live permanently in front of their screens. I view their writings for clues and crumbs, snippets of where the game is going and if there are opportunities to be had. They supplement my meager research, you could almost say that they are living Eve on my behalf.

But the picking are slim this week.
The Ancient Gaming Noob wrote a great article on a Titan trap that had me on the edge of my seat. I love big fights I know what it is like to sit waiting for hours while the prey arranges itself in the right manner for a trap to be sprung. While it is exciting it doesn’t mean I am going to roll a new toon for Horde or Karma Fleet.
Nosy Gamer had an article on how nauseating the new station animation was and how he is now trapped in the Captains Quarters. Wasn’t sure to laugh or be silently sympathetic as I found the animation disturbing to say the least. The other thing about the docking was that it wasn’t replicated during undock. Guess they couldn’t figure that out before the patch went live.
Other than that the picking were slim.
I did find Foo’s Feedly and was just blown away by the amount of people that still blog about Eve. Shame it doesn’t list by recent posts, but there are some gems in there.

If I had the time to invest I would delve deeply into the world of Eve and live and breath it the same way I did 10 years ago. This is conditional though on having the same love for the game that I had all those years ago and not owning a dog.
Dog ownership is non negotiable.
The love of the game was covered in a well written and thoughtful post from Neville Smit describing his lack of enthusiasm for involvement. No you can’t has his stuffs – He is quite clear about that but what he does let you have is his disillusionment with the path the game is taking and how that doesn’t satisfy or more importantly entice him to spend more time on-line.

I am in a similar situation, I log in, do a bit of PI and run an anomaly or two. I mine a bit if I have time but my total on-line time is normally less than an hour a day. During that time I interact with other players and catch up on what is going on in their Eve world and sometimes in RL but that’s about it. It isn’t a chore. I don’t regret the time I spend in-game but wonder, like Neville, what is in store.

There were some cute little things to come out of the patch, like the credit amount for killing a rat turning up in the damage notifications when it died and the amount of ore mined when you shut down a module before it’s full cycle was completed. The wallet balance showing visual debits and credits in a bar alongside the NeoCom, although I would think that an isk trader would be distracted beyond belief.

And then there was ‘Shadow of the Serpentis’ which is something about something or other that doesn’t really interest me. I did see a few sites in local but they had Angel rats in Serpentis space and I wasn’t prepared for them. Glad I didn’t slug it out in a poorly fit ship with the wrong ammo because within minutes of the sites spawning, local filled up and professional farmers smashed them and moved on. It is almost like they have some sort of map guiding them to the next spawn, which given the way that CCP has encouraged certain player groups in the past doesn’t surprise me.

It only takes one goat.

Anyway, that’s about it. I am off to check my PI and count my stuff.
No, you can’t have it.

Fly Safe as always,



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