June Release

I was going to wax lyrical about PI and how many clicks it takes just to get anything done but I have been saved, and so has anyone that reads this blog, by the wonderful folk at CCP.

In a nutshell sometime after 28 June we can expect “Shadow of the Serpent” event which in itself appears slightly underwhelming and could be why they recently pulled the “Thrill of the Hunt” event. We know they are looking for something to entice new players and they have openly admitted that “Thrill of the Hunt” didn’t achieve their objectives – so maybe this new enticement will work?

During the event there will be a few new items to add to the inventory such as Serpentis Dreadnoughts, Supers and Titans as well as some new implants. Once the event is over these things will hit the market, so if you are Isk poor just sit back and wait.

Reading through the Patch Notes doesn’t really excite me, but sometimes there is a hidden gem. I was wondering out loud last night why they haven’t implemented Citadel Fuel and hypothesized that traditional fuel blocks would only be required for module activation. I might have been on the right track. In the miscellaneous section of the patch notes it reveals that they have updated the descriptions for fuel blocks to include Standup service modules.

I am aware Citadel fuel is probably covered off on some Dev bog or other, but I don’t get as much time to read everything as I would like, and sometimes it is reassuring that the way I would like to see the game develop actually happens.

Gameplay issues revolve around Citadels and fighter fixes, which is understandable. The few times I managed to get a squadron of fighters out on Singularity wasn’t pretty.  Obviously some of the bugs came across. Another one of interest was that you can’t salvage a wreck if it contains too much loot to fit in a jet can. I can’t think of anything that would have that much salvageable material or are they talking about loot?

On the technical side, you can now multiple ships at the same time. Ideal for those CODE. guys wanting to get 100 Catalysts up and running in quick time. Must have been tedious before this little gem.

And there is a new song.

As Always,
Fly Safe,





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