ABC is ok, but I prefer M

I like logging in to find an ore anomaly in system. The most common iteration is a large Arknor, Bistot and Crokite site.  Crokite is redundant because it is widely available in system but the presence of A and B always excites me and I make the effort to secure a few cargo holds.

Standard routine is to enter the site cloaked and find a good spot away from the warp-in. This will give me some distance if an escape is needed. I have been playing long enough to know that a good player intent on killing me will succeed. It is something I take into account, but I always try to increase my chances of survival. To that end I never mine afk and try to remain aligned with a clear path to a safe spot.
The later condition is due to a fortunate escape. Local jumped and I initiated warp only to get entangled on a roid. Heart rate racing I managed to cancel, re-align and reach speed just as the other guy landed. The yellow target square lit up as I entered warp. Lesson learnt.

Occasionally (rare but it does happen) we get a Mercoxit site. These had popped up a few times and each time I wasn’t ready, I didn’t have deep core strips or crystals to take advantage of the site and always felt cheated. The site can remain untouched until it despawns a few days later which makes my inability to mine it even worse. I finally managed to get my act together and position all the applicable gear ready for transport. I also checked I had trained the right skills, not the first time I have brought everything together only to find I am unskilled. All the boxes ticked, I moved all the gear down, reshipped to check fit and then went about my business and waited.
Happy to say the effort was worth it and I doubt I will be needing to buy Morphite from the market for quite some time.

The modulated deep core strip miner II’s that were sitting in my hanger have been there for about 9 years. I bought them because I thought they were normal strip miners only to discover they could only be used with mercoxit crystals and only when fitted to a Skiff. I couldn’t fly a Skiff and I didn’t even know where mercoxit could be found. Things have changed and the modulated version can now take a normal crystal and be fitted to any exhumer, or at least I think they can. Either way that investment in strips all those years ago paid off, I think I saved 2 million isk. Must rat around the hanger next time I am home and see what other gems I have stashed away.

A new ABC site has spawned in system, but what’s this… someone else is in local gobbling up the resources. I do some PI and a cloaky fly past to check the site. It will last till server quiet time and then I will grab some rocks.

Hopefully they are not about when an M site spawns.

Fly Safe as always,