Late and Solo

This weeks post is late.
It is meant to give the reader an understanding of why I play Eve solo. It doesn’t tell you how I do it.

Last week other stuff came up and I got sidetracked, but I still spent some time in the Eve universe so it wasn’t totally wasted. I did the things I like doing, not the things people think I should be doing. I play Eve for my enjoyment and while that sometimes provides enjoyment for others it is not my primary task to amuse the assembled crowd.
For me Eve is a solo affair.

I tried playing it as a team game, I joined corporations that were involved in Alliances but there was always some dick that spoiled it all. I am a good team player, believe in the cause and will answer the call. I don’t hide behind the anonymity of the internet to shirk my responsibilities. I guess that is why I always end up disappointed in others and lose faith in the content created by real people.

A prime example was the reformation of BRUCE. I never attended the Fountain fiasco, I pulled the pin before the move because it wasn’t the game I wanted to play. The call went out for those who wanted to move, I didn’t and resigned my Directorship. I didn’t stay in the corp and let my character go dormant to see if the move was a success like some. I broke ties and moved on. When the relocation fail-cascaded I offered support, not derision.

After that I got an offer to rejoin old friends when the what was left reformed as SCALE. Apparently they were going to focus on what was good with BRUCE and shed the mistakes of the past. I took the offer mainly because I was still in system and hadn’t really left and it was better to have them onside than not. More importantly there were people I really liked playing Eve with and it was a good opportunity to rekindle those bonds. It was good being in comms, fun running activities together in large gangs, exploring and generally creating mayhem. I managed the corps POS chain which was demanding in itself, timers were far reduced from what they are today and it required a constant vigil but the task was important and I did it well. I was happy doing stuff that helped the cause.

One day there was a commotion at the gate, a standing fleet were bailed up and the only ship I had was a Rapier. Cats was in my system in his Sliepnir and we made a decision to jump in to assist. First thing that happened was the FC called us out for being retarded and berated us for bringing T2 ships to a T1 fight. While he was doing that he died leaving an unexperienced group on the field to wither and explode. I couldn’t figure out why we were singled out for ‘causing’ the loss.
I had just been introduced to the killboard being more important than the game and having fun wasn’t part of it.

This was a new thing to me. When I started the game if you lost a ship people normally said sorry for the loss and you moved on. Now everyone seemed hyper sensitive to what others thought. It was as though they needed respect and had to be taken seriously at all costs. No one realized that the recent fail cascade had tainted them forever. Fights over the next 6 months were controlled. There was no such thing as a standing gang and only alliance supported vessels were to be used. It became un-fun.

Did it need to be this serious? Possibly.
I didn’t know that plans were in place to dissolve the Alliance and reform for a move into deep Null. The next 6 months was a mad rush to provide the funds for a Titan, supposedly to gain entry into the new alliance, and to beat the alliance pilots into shape so threat the lessons of the past were not repeated. This culminated in providing a support fleet to assist an ally that had a POS was reinforced. 16 Jumps out in unfamiliar territory we circled the POS and kept alignment to a celestial, in case of a Hot Drop, at a speed set by the slowest ship. This decision disadvantaged every Minmatar ship on the field because to warp out they would need to accelerate to max speed. The signs were not good.

It is easy to say in hindsight that I knew we were going to be dropped. I had told them in Directors chat that I had reliable information that PL were coming in hot. No one listened. I was told in no uncertain terms that we had to do this. I wonder if it was a false blind. The pilots that responded and participated would be suitable for future plans. Was it a show of commitment? Who knows, all I do know is that when PL arrived the decimated the fleet in seconds. My Tempest took forever to align and had it not been for my name being at the bottom of the overview list I would have been killed. The field fell, the POS fell and we staggered home as best we could totally disillusioned and disappointed with the leadership nowhere to be found. The ally we were meant to be assisting didn’t show, the losses were all ours. The whole thing stank.

Not long after that debacle I noticed an FC’s alt shipping stuff out of cluster and a couple of high ranking alts doing the same, I knew that SCALE was about to fold and I wanted no part of it. History bares that out, the move out of JQV and back into deep null with Wildly Inappropriate failed miserably. Conflagration failed (with that same FC at the helm btw). Karma is a bitch.

It is therefore no surprise that the only person playing Eve, that I still talk to on a regular basis, is a person I have sat with in real life and enjoyed a coffee. If I could find a group of people who met up once a month to discuss the game I would be in there like a shot. It is my firm belief that interaction outside the game strengthens relationships inside the game. You  tend not to rip off people you have met face to face. It is difficult to hide behind a façade of lies and treachery when you are sitting across the table from someone.

I try not to repeat mistakes, I try to learn from them. I play solo because my first few formative years in Eve were tainted by disappointing interactions.
While I enjoyed gang work and the sense of belonging I can do without it these days. I don’t need new content made for me by a corporation or alliance to keep me happy, I make it myself.

That is my Eve.


As Always, Fly Safe


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