10K and stuff

A few weeks ago CCP introduced a way to make the game way more exciting. The reason they did this was not fully revealed. The Dev blogs announced it but didn’t really say why. Sometimes in Eve it is very obvious why a feature has been implemented but most of the time it seems to be some sort of Icelandic prank that no one understands.  So what feature was it? They did was put in place a ‘quest’ for want of a better word, that allowed players to increase their SP by conducting a simple task every 22 hours.

Log in + shoot rat = get 10,000 SP

I have a character that hasn’t gone out of his way to shoot a rat in over 8 years. My main will have to re-ship daily to achieve this so what is the point?
New players will be enticed to log in daily to grab an amount of SP that significantly enhances their initial skill progression – and I believe that’s what this is all about.
It is all about attracting and retaining new players.
What it isn’t about is bitter old vets with 180 million SP who have forgotten to change skills and lost more SP than most new players have had hot dinners. (young’un’s these days don’t know how good they have it)

I had a look at Chribba’s Eve Offline to see if there was a jump in the number of players logging in. Problem is that the site grabs the number of players online at any one time and highlights the peak number achieved –  usually at 19:30 UTC which is after midnight in California and 15:30 in New York.
Eveoffline doesn’t really indicate that more players have logged in every 22 hours to grab the free SP because of natural time spread. The only real indicator of player numbers is no doubt held closely to CCP’s chest. As it is the last 3 months indicate a softening of player numbers.

So what do I think?
Well it doesn’t really provide me with enticement to log in. I stopped doing that when they increased the length of the skill queue and since I don’t really need the points I have the luxury to ignore it.
If it provides a quick fix for new players to bridge some initial skill deficiency, then all props to it. I don’t think it is going to get the rookie channels fluttering any time soon.

Fly Safe as Always




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