The Raven I never flew.

Last weeks post reminded me of another event that took place the shaped my view on Eve. As mentioned, I was a member of the Pator Tech School back in YC 108 piloting my Reaper around the belts looking for tasty plagioclase. It was a struggle making ends meet. On the mining barge front I was saving up for a Covetor, happily skipping the Procurer as it wasn’t considered to be a cost effective ship. I had my trusty Rifter fitted out for missions and achieving that had taken up most of my spare Isk.

The Rookie Corp Chat channel was always full of conversation, most of it good advice and plenty of ideas and ways to move forward in the game. There were a crew of ‘old salts’ that nurtured the newer players and sounded the alarm when a scam or dodgy proposition arose, which wasn’t very often. A player by the name of Rockadeus posted that there was going to be a Free Foon. I had absolutely no idea what that was, and neither did anyone else, but I was keen to hop to the comms channel and find out.

Once settled in the channel, Rockadeus typed up the rules and started the game. We were asked to guess a number between 1 and 10 and type it in chat when requested, the first person to type the correct number would be awarded a prize.  The prizes were being distributed by a legendary pirate who was giving away his stuff for no reason – other than he might have had a few beers.
(embarrassed to say that I have forgotten the name, it was a short single word and will possibly come to me at three in the morning tomorrow)

So while my Reaper was orbiting some plagioclase I had a bit of fun typing in numbers. It seemed like a scam, it had the hallmarks of a scam, it smelt like a scam…

I got the right number and in a separate convo was told to check the contract issued. It was for a Raven at Jita 4-4. It seemed legit, I got a friend to check it out and he agreed that it seemed legit. I accepted the contract and then checked my assets and sure enough a Caldari Raven Battleship was sitting in my hanger in Jita 4-4. At that exact moment I think my wallet had less than 5 million in it and the buy price for a Raven in Jita was 100 mill. Honestly I had no idea what to do next. I had never been to Caldari space. At that point I don’t think I had been out of Metropolis let alone Minmatar space.

It took me nearly a month to decide what to do with it. I would not be able to fly the ship without a serious re-think of my skill plan and made the final decision to sell it. I shuttled up to Jita and cashed out. What a glorious day that was. I could finally afford that Covetor and even look at some t2 stuff for my Rifter. Hitting 5 mill in the wallet was a massive milestone and now there was 100 million there!

And here we are 10 years later, 180+million skill point and I still can’t fly that Raven. It kick started a enterprise that is still going today and for that I am grateful. I don’t think I would have quit had it not happened. By the time I sold the Raven I had a Covetor fitted up and was making a decent living but it was the injection of spare Isk that allowed me to take risks and be rewarded.

So whoever you were,

Fly safe as always,




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