Serpentis Dreadnought in the belt !

So much going on in Eve that it is difficult to decide what to write about so excuse me for rambling. I have also decided to join the Eve Bloggers site so you can throw pies at my posts. I like pies. I have been talking to myself for several months and think it is time to take my insanity and crappy English to a new audience. Please enjoy if you can.

Citadels have launched and major changes to Capital ships have been deployed. Plenty of angry players shouting loudly in the forums but there was a launcher post titled: Attention of Carrier Pilots must read! telling us what was coming. I jumped into my Nidhoggur and unloaded everything a few days before the patch. When I jumped back in I had lost a low slot and gained a mid and a brand new Fighter Hanger.

What CCP didn’t say in their warning post was that the skills to load the new Light and Support Fighters would not be automatically granted to existing Fighter skill owners. Apparently CCP were not happy about the mechanics of compensation and will be rewarding us later – yeah right. What this means is that I am stuck deep in Null Sec space with a totally defenseless Carrier. To solve this I took a short and pleasant flight back up the pipe to High Sec and indulged in a skill book buying frenzy. My Carrier is incorrectly tanked but at least it has Fighters.

While we are on Capital Ships, I was busy mining a Large Mercoxit anomaly that popped up when one of the locals jumped in. I warped out, as always, and as I docked I saw him arrive in a capsule. Dust Flasher posted this link in local and said he was 150km from the belt on full AB when he got one shot. As of this post the Serpentis Dreadnoughts have wracked up 130 Kills in 22 systems. Apparently the Dreadnought warps in, scrams, webs and nuets you in milliseconds and then you pop.

It might not be as straightforward as that. I noticed that when I checked my Overview settings the new rats were not selected. Could it be that folks are getting hit because they don’t know the danger?

Selected now

Could the new Capital Rats be CCP’s way to discourage afk mining and ratting? Will they arrive in anomalies and signatures? We know they arrive in belts, so my ninja mining activities have taken on a whole new level of concentration. I am sure there is a Dev blog somewhere that explains it, but all I know is they just made it harder for the little guy – again. I can’t take on a Dreadnought with my Carrier because it can’t fit fighters… lol
Adapt and change, something I do regularly and then happily forget.

One tiny but significant change is the way jump clones are used. You have to pay for the privilege of leaving your clone behind – When installing or leaving a clone behind, there is a 900,000ISK charge. This seems to be working as intended, but we worded the patch note concerning it very badly. This is being amended now, sorry for the oversight. My other toon got hit last week. Nice little isk sink.

That’s about it for today. I have a new Citadel launched in Singularity so I can get a bit of practice in before launching one towards the end of the year. The PLEX drop is annoying because I didn’t take Gevlon’s advice to sell up and cash in. Still, I am here for the long run and it is isk I don’t really need but would have been nice to have.

Fly Safe, as always,

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