Why I stopped manufacturing…

Over the last few weeks I have rediscovered the joys of manufacturing and rushed back into T2 Exhumer production with a passion. Unfortunately I didn’t look at the build figures and failed to make any serious effort to check my own three year old spread sheet. I was building again and that was all that mattered. A kid in a sandpit with a new spade.

On the first attempt I was short of advanced moon materials. Since it was only one Skiff I wasn’t too worried and filled the deficiency from the local market. When I reviewed the spreadsheet I found the error quickly. The requirements had changed and why wouldn’t they? CCP had tweaked the requirements to balance the usage. The amount of advanced materials required to build an advanced component are consistent across the Exhumer range. The difference is in the number of advanced components required to build the Exhumer, something that was going to be a huge factor that defined profit or loss.

Just after the 2014 Cirus expansion, I stopped manufacturing. There were changes to Industry that removed the advantage I had spent years developing. This change allowed almost any player to make what they wanted at or near market cost. The expansion removed the research advantage and subsequently disadvantaged players who had spent precious time specializing. The chance of invention success had increased and more importantly it was easier to achieve more runs with the outcome.

required =max(runs,ceil(round(runs∗baseQuantity∗materialModifier,2))

The above manufacturing formula probably doesn’t mean anything to people who don’t manufacture but the word ’round’ makes all the difference. For every manufacturing job the amount of material required is reduced as the number built increases.
So ask yourself who the change suited?
The little guy with a single blueprint trying to get into the market or the large Alliance making thousands of items.

And that is why I gave up T2 manufacturing years ago (something I had forgotten when I launched into the recent madness). I used all my wealth to purchase original blueprints, risked it all by moving them from Outer Ring to High Sec space and then spent months researching them to provide a modest profit margin. I bought the advanced component blueprints and researched them. I set up a POS to do the research and build components.

All that effort wiped out by the changes and today I can’t make a Hulk for a profit.
Time to focus on something else.

CCP is killing the little guy and I forgot that.



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