The building bug

Last week I jumped back to High Sec and manufactured a skiff. I apologize in advance for that post, I was in a hurry and am slightly embarrassed when I read it back. The numbers don’t really tell the story I was aiming for due to the complex nature of changes over the timeline. Notwithstanding my atrocious attempt at justifying a gut feeling, the post does have bearing on todays topic.

I troll blogs prior to writing, not because I need inspiration but because Eve is such a diverse sandbox that there is always something going on. A good grasp of the current game can provide dividends later. Any trader worth his Isk will know that big events generate market opportunities. Further to that I remember years ago a hardened veteran telling me he was a noob. I asked why and he said that it was almost physically impossible to be over everything in this game, it was just too complex. Every week he found something he didn’t know. These days I wholeheartedly agree, as every week I discover something I should know but seem to have forgotten and other stuff that I don’t know but wish I had known 20 minutes earlier.

The Skiff I built last week is a prime example of knowing stuff I should have known and remembering stuff I thought I didn’t know. The process wasn’t smooth and I spent over an hour shuffling around systems having forgotten various parts of the process. The end result is that the Skiff currently crunching Crokite at an acceptable rate.
It is massively over-tanked for the rats and I plan to revise the fit at some stage but it is built, functioning and I made it!

The process wasn’t about providing a ship cheaper than market it was about actually building it. This is something that I discussed with Sig this morning (Bad Trader). He still has the first Carrier he ever built and, due to jump range reduction, doesn’t really use it. When pushed he couldn’t even remember where he parked it last. He could sell it but keeps it around as a reminder to what originally seemed like an impossible build task. From memory he mined all the minerals for it as well – sick puppy.

The whole Skiff adventure and the return to manufacturing reignited the pleasure I get from constructing stuff in Eve. I have hangers full of BPO’s and BPC’s that require an output and it might just be time to dust them off and make stuff again. I used to make Viators, Hulks, Macks, Skiffs, Sabres, Vagabonds, Wolves, Cheetahs, Stilettos, Typhoons, Panthers and Vargurs. I have BPC’s ready to go but that isn’t really where my current interest lies. I want to make all the Tech II and Faction stuff I have blue prints for. I think I might be close to having enough base components to start. Rigs are another option as I have a very large hanger full of salvage.

What this means is heading back to High Sec and setting the POS up again, picking up a component assembly array and shipping everything to a system with a low build index. Sorting out what is viable and what isn’t, deciding what to build and what to forget. Might be time to get a compression array as well and reduce the amount of stuff in the hanger.
Either way I think I have the bug again.

I am off to build stuff.

Fly Safe as always,


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