Skiff Building.

Before we get into the manufacturing side of the game it would be remiss of me to fail to mention the minor struggle up North. So there, I mentioned it – now onto more interesting things.

Down in my sleepy hollow an occasional Cosmic anomaly ore site spawns and I have nothing to take advantage of it. I bugged all my mining stuff out several years ago. Since I have a spare Skiff blue print copy I figured I would spend a bit of time building one as they tank like a bastard and are agile enough to run and hide. So off to Jita where all the nice people live using my favorite transport ship to buy some goodies. I buy the advanced moon materials and ferry them home to convent them into advanced components for the final build.

Manufacturing Exhumers is something I haven’t done in a long time, I flashed up my old build spreadsheet and it shows the last time I ran commodity prices through it was November 2013. I have a history of costs reaching back to 2011 which covers the major changes to the barge and exhumer line up.

I used to make Hulks and Macks and that was my primary focus in Eve, but the Kronos expansion put an end to that. The profits just were not there and manufacture and invention could be done, with unprecedented success, by any nubbet who wandered along. Bit of a kick in the face for those of us who had invested the time and isk to become really good at it but I guess CCP had to do something to remove the unintentional preference they gave to a very limited number of players when T2 BPO’s were won in a lottery.
Sorry.. started ranting.

What I was going to say before I got carried away with bitter vet syndrome is that the component costs  listed in May 11 are not significantly different than they are today. Problem is that there were changes to the amount of components needed in 2012 and that skews the figures. At face value that looks good but there are so many changes behind the numbers that make finding a reference point difficult. I don’t have the historical sell values for a Skiff in Jita to make an accurate call on the figures.

I only have my total build costs.

Jul-12 72,311,948
Aug-12 125,993,169 Market anticipates change
Aug-12 115,529,308 Barge change
Oct-12 98,175,486
Dec-12 92,987,174
Jan-13 95,012,322
Feb-13 105,436,500
Apr-13 103,927,841
Apr-13 105,832,863
Oct-13 88,554,775
Nov-13 159,200,251 Added new components
Apr-16 155,465,044 Todays Folly

Big change in Nov 13 with the introduction of two new advanced materials. But very little change in the last 3 years. Even the manufacturing cost change for the Procurer seems to be absorbed. Back then a Procurer was about 5 million isk. Today you would be lucky to find one under 20 million.

My guess is that the increase in invention output and re-rolling of the Skiff from a Mercoxit miner to a hugely tanked tiny miner increased its worth to the average player which in turn created increased trade volume. Moon materials and the amount used in builds changed in that period. The fluid nature of the figures and no set baseline makes it difficult to prove, one way or another, that the profit has fallen.
I suspect it has. (kicking self for not logging profit figures for builds)

So here I am with my reborn spreadsheets running up the build figures on a Skiff to find that if I was to build it and ship it to Jita I would make a real profit of 14 mill. Not worth getting out of bed for but that is Eve, sometimes we don’t do the logical thing.
We do what we do because we enjoy it.


Fly Safe as Always,





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