Singularity and Citadels Part 2

As mentioned last week there is more to the upcoming citadel expansion than meets the eye. My recent return to the test server to check it out has been an interesting learning experience.

While the Citadels are not fully functional they are slowly improving and my main Keepstar has a bounty office, ship fitting and character customization listed under station services. The ‘look outside’ view is something that players have been bitching about for years and has now been implemented. Taking control of the station brings up the Fighter Bay sub menus although there is no Fighter Bay yet. I also managed to park a Titan in the ship hanger in the hope that with any reset it gets sent to my closest NPC hanger.

One minor problem is that I am denied docking access. Guess this has something to do with setting permissions and groups and will have to read up on that to see what they have implemented.

A nice start, visually impressive and interesting but what will it do to Eve?
I still believe it limits the amount of interaction a single player has with the game and redirects the focus to large groups. The cost of establishing and protecting a small citadel will be prohibitive, in the short term, and that limits a large number of single player corporations who specialize in research and invention. If as mentioned the citadels are envisaged to replace all Outposts , Towers and POCO’s then it leaves the NPC stations as the only place to do business. Conducting research, invention and manufacturing in NPC stations currently adds a base cost that most little entities avoid by using their own infrastructure.

With the removal Outposts , Towers and POCO’s the way is paved to finally remove the NPC element to the sand box and take away stations. This will require a re-think on where Agents are based but almost all other services can and will be duplicated.
CCP have always intended to hand the sandbox over to the player community or at least that was what I thought I read.
The entire NPC world is only there to support a back story. If you look at racial companies and read their market details you see the original base of trade. The base line of the market is there, it hasn’t been updated to reflect current prices in years so why have it. The market orders don’t even exist.

I think the introduction of Citadels attend to a lot of the background issues and allow Eve to grow as CCP envision it. I could be wildly off track, but then again those who remember Oursulaert disappearing tend to believe in anything.

As always,
Fly Safe



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