Singularity and Citadels

I wanted to check out Citadels and jumped onto the test server Singularity.
The new launcher makes it really easy to access the server and launch multiple accounts. A far cry from the old days where you had to mirror the folders and manually select the right exe file. Stuffing it up would see you overwrite files and render your main files corrupt.

Once in test, I noticed a redeemable gift bar consisting of all four racial Titans, Supers and 24 Skill Injectors. Not what I was expecting, but they are testing Citadels and I guess the best way to do that is give everyone really big ships and a means to fly them. The Ragnarok is missing because I am taking it for a spin.


Back to Citadels.
I hopped in a shuttle and flew off to 6CZ to see if any of the new structures had been set up. When I got there the grid failed to load for about 7 minutes. No TiDi shown. Once it did load there wasn’t all that much to look at, very few of the new structures were operational. I could dock but there were no modules to use. It could be that the owners have restricted the access but either way there was no point in being stuck in a stupidly lagged out system so I headed back home.

Once there I fired up the freighter and picked up a Keepstar and tried to launch it. I was presented with a reasonably simple menu with a choice of positioning and invulnerability times. Name the station, set timers and click anchor…. Nothing happened so I figured it might be a Sov issue or something similar. Hit up Dr Google for some answers and found that I needed to set a profile in the NeoCom under Business – Structure Browser, which was not the sort of place I expected those settings, I am guessing they are going to use that as listing place for available citadels and stations.

Profile set and retry the launch – success.
I have an anchored Keepstar sitting 1500km’s off the station. There is a 24 hour wait (no timer visible) before the structure becomes accessible. I will place the other two types just to get a feel of the resources needed.

Since there is a 24 hour wait, there might be Part 2 this post.

Fly Safe as always,


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