Project what?

Project Discovery was recently launched by Professor Lundberg of Sisters of Eve.

The blurb:
Project Discovery is a unique new challenge that allows the EVE community to work together in-game to provide benefits to real world science and medicine.

When the launch was announced I didn’t pay much attention, I was concentrating on trying to get my PI loot out of system and into the market hubs. Once I was free of my system camping foe I made the jump into High Sec and headed towards the markets. On the way I saw the new ‘Project Discovery’ icon in the neocon and gave it a try (honestly, flying a freighter is the most tedious part of Eve and any distraction is worth a go).

Tutorial was simple enough, managed a few correct analysis, got some isk and Kredits. Started analysis for real and got up to 60% correct. Given that I started at 50 that didn’t seem too bad. I was making 50K isk per click. At this rate I would only have to analysis just over half a million samples to meet my goal.
Having raced to analysis rank 5, I thought the world was my oyster and then-

Prof Lundberg

Followed by a time out and a few other shutdowns.
Once that happened my analysis score began to drop, I couldn’t seem to match the samples with anything. The results indicated I had made mistakes but I don’t think they matched the sample I was looking at. I kept getting it wrong. Frustrated with the apparent errors, I closed the project.

I fail to see how I can contribute to ‘Real World’ science if CCP already know the traits of the sample I am looking at. They already know the answer – so what am I doing?

Reading into the background is even more confusing.

End of the day it is just another mini-game to amuse bored station spinners and freighter pilots alike. My guess is that like all the other distractions in Eve it will fade into broken oblivion.

I didn’t want that SOE armour anyway.

Fly Safe as always;




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