TiDi ?

My little slice of paradise was suffering from a bit of Time Dilation (TiDi). This isn’t the first time I have noticed this and I am sure some people out there see quite a bit of it during big fleet fights but.. There were 5 people in system. So the only explanation I can think of is the installation of new hardware. I read the post on the new Tech III nodes and don’t have a clue what they are talking about. It isn’t my field and at the end of the day it is RL and not for these pages.

So why title the post TiDi?
No real reason. This is a bit of a catch up blog as I have been away in-game and out for about a week. Lot’s can happen in that time and I have some new players in system (not the drug lab guys). All logged into one station where I can keep an eye on them. I need to find out what their time zone is because if they become persistent and I can’t find a window to pick up my PI stuff then it might be time to head back to High Sec for some rest and recreation. Planetary Interaction doesn’t really give the type of margins that allow me to log off and wait. Either I am tending the system or there is no point being there.

The other downside of people in system is that they tend to complete the Signatures and Anomalies. These little distractions formed part of my ‘fun’ and with them gone there is another reason not to stick around. As mentioned previously, it won’t be forever. Even SajuurCor and The OSS finally moved out so I am sure that in the next few years my new overlords will too.

Edit: Ok, so I spoke too soon, not only was the system empty allowing me to PI myself stupid but there was a Signature that hadn’t been run. I also noticed a slight improvement in the amount of time accessing things took. For instance, opening the corporate hanger – selecting ships and boarding them seemed to me to be marginally faster. Might have something to do with their server upgrades they have recently made or it might not, either way I am pleased with both these discoveries.

As always,
Fly Safe,





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