PvP – I am just rubbish at it.

I run away from  it, not because I don’t enjoy the interaction as I have participated in many fleet fights and had good successes. The problem is that without the support I tend to stuff it up. My brain isn’t hard-wired to remember to overheat the guns and turn on the tank. Basically I am just totally rubbish at it and any month old character with a few ideas will beat me every time.

I have lived my low sec life avoiding it at all costs and the funny thing about that is I have the capacity to absorb the costs without making a dent in my funds. It isn’t as though I can’t afford PvP encounters. I can. I am just no good at it.
I have plans and strategies in place to avoid encounters. I will log at the first sign of someone entering the system. If someone is already in the system I log and come back another day, a tactic which has served me well in the past.

Playing that way limits the amount of time I spend in game. I have plenty of other things to do and the system will still be there when I get back. I play the long game and try not to get caught up in the day to day issues. Plenty of arguments against that style of play but I have seen four alliances move through the cluster and stay for varying times without the need to sign, or seek, a non-aggression pact and still maintain a presence.

My latest friends are having a bit of a crisis moment, they have a drug lab set up and others are viewing the cluster with an eye to basing their alliance in it. My drug lab friends are staying logged in to give a sense of ownership to a two station system. My tip to them would be to have someone in each station as that will keep people guessing.
As it is I just log a character into the station they are in and use another to do what needs to be done. I know where they are which really defeats the purpose of them being on-line.

Nothing to fear from me, I for one hail my new overlords whoever they may be.

Logging off till next time
Fly Safe


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