A strange thing happened in …

Most of my game time is spent in Syndicate. It is not a place I call home, but it is the place that provides the most enjoyment and content for me. When I get bored, or the need arises, I jump back to Metropolis and run some missions, do some manufacturing or sort out whatever it is that needs to be done.

The area of Syndicate I have chosen is quiet, there are a few people who blow in and out but most corporations or alliances only last a few years. So it was no surprise that last year the corporation who owns all the POCO’s (Player owned customs offices) split from their alliance and went off to do their own thing. I did consider a POCO hit but honestly couldn’t bothered shooting one for hours just to replace it. At one stage I considered bringing my Dread down to pound one but the 10+ jumps through really shitty territory put me off.

A new mob hit the area and raised a drug lab. No problems there, like the moon miners they tend to on-line the tower and fuel it and head somewhere else until the end product is ready.
And that was how things were for a few months.
All quiet.

They also took out one of the POCO’s. I saw the timer go and wondered who had reinforced it. I actually logged in to see the timer hit zero and nothing happened. Later in the month they reinforced and killed a POCO and replaced it with their own. Only one and not one that I use.

One of the adjoining systems has an ice belt, more roid belts and stations it is a much nicer place to call home. The drug guys spent most of their time in that system leaving me to my own devices.
All quiet here.

And then a new Alliance show up and the drug lab guys move back to their lab system and remain logged in 23 hours a day as a show of force (although next time you might want to put someone in the other station as well, looks a bit lame when you are both in the same station and not very forceful).
Not all quiet here.

At one point there were 5 people in local which had to be the highest player numbers in system since 2008 and that isn’t a joke. The whole thing disrupted the way I play and I was thinking of heading back to High Sec for a break.

It is a timely reminder that nothing in Eve is static. Everything changes and the best way to enjoy the game is to change with it.

This morning I was all alone again, ran a small relic site, did a bit of PI and all was well with the world.

I can only think that the Alliances have NAP’d each other and all is peaceful again.

As Always,
Fly Safe


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