Fuel Blocks and other stuff

Interesting announcement recently with regard to fuel for the new Citadels. The first model was to rely solely on Isotopes. The isotope price shot up accordingly and no doubt the Ice fields had plenty of custom.
The recent announcement indicates going back to what we all know in the form of fuel blocks. Good news for me since I have plenty in stock and part of my PI process is 2 of the core ingredients. What is interesting is that they will be adding Strontium Clathrates to  block production (400 to 40 blocks) to balance things a bit. Seems the new Citadels don’t need Stront to enter reinforced mode so Stront, one of the by products of Ice processing would have been left waving in the breeze.

The closer we get to these new Citadels the more I become concerned.

My backstory (found here) doesn’t quite explain what really happened. I moved back to High Sec after BRUCE moved to Fountain. I wasn’t happy with the mad recruiting rush and the failure to vet the new recruits. It was all about numbers and in the end that was a key part of the failure, but this is not a told you so.
After the move I hunted around for new focus and decided to concentrate on manufacturing Exhumers. To do this, and make a profit, I needed the original blueprints (BPO) which were only available at selected Ore stations deep in zero sec space. Over a month I carefully planned and executed the purchase and transport of, to that date, my entire Eve wealth locked into a single Blueprint.

 Back in High Sec I started the tedious manufacturing process with research and acquisition of more BPO’s for the manufacturing components. I got maxed out my research ability and started to run 5 agents per character to provide the data-cores for invention. I ran missions until I had enough standing to place a small tower new my home base which would allow me to copy the BPO’s and conduct invention on the copies.
It was a full time job that took meticulous planning and effort but the rewards were worth it. The corporations base wealth grew as each successful Exhumer hit the market. I was competing against people who had ‘won’ T2 BPO’s in the lottery and was making a good show of it.

And then CCP changed everything. They dropped the skill requirement and standings needed to anchor a tower. They changed the value of data-cores by introducing them to exploration sites, they changed the entire industry mechanic to make it easier for a new player to enter the market. They wiped years off BPO Manufacturing and time research and replaced it with maximum levels that in most cases could be reached in a week. They re-jigged the production requirements of Exhumers and over night and the data-core market plunged, the blue print copy market crashed and the market cost of  Exhumer matched its base line production cost. The production / profit incentive was no longer there.

I stopped all production. Bought 1000 Procurers at 5 mill each and sold them for 21 million each a year later. Haven’t made a single thing since. It effectively leveled the playing field and those of us that had spent years building up skills and resources to provide a profit margin had it wiped out in a matter of months. Bitter – Yes.

So what has this got to do with Fuel Blocks and why am I concerned?

An off-line tower appeared in my little part of space without the normal fan fare of show of strength and posturing that normally accompanies a new tower. It is still there and the owners are nowhere to be seen. I am wondering if the owners think it will morph into a Citadel when the time comes or they just lost it?

Either way it made me think about my little manufacturing tower and all the others in my home system. What will become of all those factory slots, ammo manufacturing modules, research facilities?

Must read some more to see how this is going to pan out…

As Always,
Fly Safe,


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