Skill Training

This isn’t about the upcoming injector launch.

Skill training in Eve was a hit and miss process when I started. As a brave new pilot I had very little to go on, sure there were a few websites with guides or the rookie channels where you could ask, but like the rest of Eve skill training was harsh, undocumented and baffling. Most of the information available was about skilling up for that Raven which as a Minmatar pilot was completely useless. These were uncharted waters.

I picked skills to train based on what I needed to have to be able to fit better modules or fly larger ships. During my rookie period I followed most of the suggestions in channel, well intended and for the most part correct, unlike today but that is another page in itself. I got my basic gunnery skills sorted and ended up flying a Destroyer in the first month flowed closely by a Cruiser. The idea of a Battleship was long term planning.

Skills could be queued for 24 hours but that was it. If the skills you choose to train took 19 hours you had to log in to add more to the 24 hour queue. I remember a guy in the rookie channel boasting how he had never missed a change, never wasted a second and wondered what his long term plan was. Without a solid goal most players trained to achieve their immediate need. Problem with this was it ended up being like a hamster in a wheel always chasing an unobtainable outcome because the game was always changing and todays bright shiny was tomorrows rusting hulk.

To add to the madness there were implants and learning skills. The implants still exist but the learning skills are gone. New players were born with specific attributes which favored a mode of gameplay. I created alts for research based on their attributes because it was the easiest way to get them working with the least disruption to my main character. Caldari and Amarr characters were the way to go. The game was unbalanced to the extent that creating a new account of the other two races was thought to be madness. The addition of specialization with blood lines did very little to address that.

As for the guy never missing a skill change, I had entire days before I realized my character wasn’t training anything. To address that I installed Eve-mon to try and plot a path towards my goal. My second main character progressed much faster with guidance but what does it matter?

I think this is where CCP got it wrong. Pilots trained for a meaningful outcome but once they achieved that there wasn’t much left to head for. New Players can achieve positive outcomes in a shorter space of time with less resources. It is the current model for Eve to bring the players in. Looking at the player charts it isn’t working.

My Main has 180+ million SP and my Second account has 150+ million. Both have more than they need and are training skills for the sake of training. The gap between what I would like to do next and where I am doesn’t exist. I can’t fly every ship in the game and don’t want to, that was never the goal. What I can do is competently fly the ships I want to fly and training more skills doesn’t make my ability to do what I am doing any better.
I am training to fill the queue. I am training Level 5 skills that are really pointless.

The pinnacle of ship training was reached 4 years into the game.  Being able to pilot a Titan is not a big thing. Being able to fly one competently is. I could queue it up tomorrow but see no reason. No one is going to lend a solo pilot a Titan and even though I have the resources to buy one I have no use for it. It isn’t a goal for the average player so I have to ask what there is within the game to keep skilling for and haven’t got an answer. My queue is about half a year long and none of it is needed.

CCP have jinked and juggled the skill training process over the years and now we stand on the edge of another change.

Instant players and a step closer to P2P…..

As Always
Fly Safe



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