Lee Brinalle

With the introduction of citadels on the horizon CCP decided to involve the player-base by creating an in-game story. Nothing new, it is common for the backstory to effect in-game direction. In essence the corporation responsible for the construction of the new citadels required Research Components . (Details found here)

A never ending source of amazement to me is that CCP rush headlong into releases and then backflip suddenly. Once something hits the wider player base it tends to go pear shaped.

Why? I haven’t got a clue but something in the player feedback process or CCP’s ability to receive that feedback is broken.

As I mentioned last week, the original idea was to contract Research Components to Lee Brinalle for entry into a game of chance. The stations to place the contract were all in low security space. The player who contracted the most items would be rewarded the first Citadel BPC and two random entries would be chosen to receive the other 2 BPC’s.

Fast forward 1 week and the contract can be placed in any station, there will be 5 random draws. The player that contracts the largest amount of items receives nothing unless they are drawn.  Not sure where I got that info but it is wrong!

To quote Lee Brinalle in  a recent press release:
Lee Brinalle noted that already she had received enough components to guarantee Astrahus BPCs for two lucky winners in the draw that Upwell will be holding. (Two randoms)
I am looking forward to being able to award more Astrahus BPCs and, perhaps, if the efforts continue at this pace, to rewarding one lucky capsuleer collaborator with a Fortizar BPC!
(Most contracted)

So I have to ask myself why the back-flip and can only think that it has something to do with vented total confusion from the player-base and cries of foul play and cover-ups. I am guessing that when they ran the idea around the table it sounded good to a bunch of people so involved in the game they failed to step outside and take a breath. Eve is a living breathing entity. CCP need to stop and smell the roses.

Lee Brinalle
Original Lee
Lee Brinalle II
New Lee 7 days later










Note that Lee has been a member of Intaki Bank for 18 years. This brings me to another really amazing thing about Eve. The players will find a way to enjoy themselves regardless of what CCP do. The agent has a bounty which is surprising in itself because I thought that mechanic was switched off, however it also indicates that someone saw an opportunity and took it. Let me introduce another Lee.

Not Lee BrinalleThis Lee has been with Science and Trade for three days. She is not the real deal but I have to wonder how many Research Components were contracted to her. Scamming is nothing new in Eve. The Battleship BPO story was one of the reasons I started playing. It involves a player manipulating the game for his own reward over several months. He convinced a group of players that he was something he wasn’t and took them all along for a ride. It defines the heart of the game, people start Eve with the belief that it is like other games and it isn’t, it is unlike anything else I have played. It is cruel and dangerous and there are consequences.

Long term thinkers do well in Eve. Angry Pilots die.

So with the introduction of Citadels approaching I contracted an item per character to the correct Lee Brinalle.

Fingers Crossed.

As Always,
Fly Safe.


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