Cosmic Signatures

I am always on the look out for a Relic or Data site. Finding them is easy with the right ship and skills and the pay off can be worth the effort. Once you find a site it is unguarded and the cans are there for the taking.

The Revelations expansion of 2006 introduced a useable scanning system to encourage exploration. To find sites you had to place a probe at various planets in a vague attempt at triangulation and hope for the best. More often than not, with the right ship, a head full of Prospect implants and all the skills maxed out, the result was ‘No signature found’. If you were lucky enough to find a site it was almost always guarded which meant bringing in a friend to help as your probe ship was too soft to tank the rats.

The Odyssey expansion of 2013 changed all that and formed the basis of what we have today. If you have the right ship, implants, skills, launchers and probes then any site can be found. Unfortunately CCP decided to implement a mini game for each ‘can’. The mini game is tedious and often the reward does not match the effort.

There are some great tutorials on defeating the mini game, what to do and how to do it but at the end of the day it is just a pointless click fest. Yesterday I dropped into a data site in null sec and spent the next 5 minutes clicking away only to get some High Tech Small Arms. I am convinced that the faster you click the more you are punished with Restoration Nodes and other annoyances.

With the recent in-game events between the Serpentis Corporation and Upwell Consortium a new drop has been added to Data sites. The Research Component is featuring in almost every can. Show info on the item points to the Agent Lee Brinalle.

Lee Brinalle

Capsuleers may be rewarded ! I went looking for what they meant and found this:

“The Upwell Consortium will reward a few lucky pilots who participate with Astrahus Citadel BPCs (M-size) for the top contributor and two randomly chosen pilots as well as names of the few top contributors on the cornerstone of this citadel.”

I will drop one on contract to the agent and see what happens but my gut instinct is that the two random players will be anything but random. There is still a strong feeling of mistrust within the community when it comes to CCP and handing out in-game stuff.

Data and Relic sites are a distraction, another piece of game content that adds to the overall game. Personally I would like to see the mini game removed but I doubt that will ever happen.




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