Planetary Interaction

Part of my wallet size is due to putting in place a small but workable Planetary Interaction (PI) network. Both characters are almost maxed out on PI skills so I get 6 planets for each character. Both of them access Reactive and Precious metals which are refined into Mechanical parts. The process chugs away at far less than light speed and the extractors are reset every 3 days or so. Due to this, I have the luxury of attending the pick up once a week which leaves me free to do other stuff and more importantly stops me becoming a PI slave.

This is not the way to make trillions quickly. It is slow and painful. What it does for me is provide some content, when I have nothing better to do, and keeps me logging in. It also forces me to interact with the madness of High Sec and move product out to trade hubs. Taking stuff to market is always a bit of fun as I never know how it will pan out until I get there.

Changing a PI setup is a punishing experience. So many clicks and so little reward but with just a little bit of tweaking it could be so much better. PI is just another feature that was implemented and then forgotten.

Changing the size of the dropdown list on the Processor Schematics menu would save me hours – literally. In normal view it cuts off at Construction blocks, when the window is extended you can view all options but choosing another Processor forces the window to snap back to the original size which means scrolling through the options again. Allow the window to be pinned would save many a player from early onset of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Changing the Extractor Control Unit Extraction area size is controlled by a slide that is very sensitive and always ends up in a maddening click fest, why not have the ability to enter a set figure?

Getting product from the Extractor head to the Processors seems counter-intuitive. There are several ways of achieving the same goal and none of them are pretty. Not sure how to fix that other than limit the ability to route product to the Processors more than once.

PI is just another part of the game. I should be thankful that it has taken products previously seeded into the market and allowed players to produce them but I can’t help but wonder if it couldn’t be achieved in a less painful way.

As always, Fly safe.




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