Player Owned Structures

I jumped back to High Sec recently to finish off a little project that had been bubbling away for some time. I had 4 Extra Large projectile BPO’s that needed some research completed and figured that it was as good a time as any to drop into my main supply base and fire up the POS. Grab the trusty Mammoth, some fuel blocks, star base charters and a research module and head out to my little tower. On-line the tower, drop the module, anchor and on-line it and warp back to the station to pick up the BPO’s.

This took about 15 minutes.

Back in the old days  this would have taken a month of Sundays and a small alliance to achieve, (ok that might be slightly exaggerated..), but the point is that today it is relatively painless and very accessible.

I have maintained a small POS at a moon for over 5 years. The POS is off-line most of the time just sitting there doing nothing but hogging the anchor spot waiting for me to do something stupid like on-line a reprocessing module, which wont reprocess scrap, forcing me to power down the station and retrieve all the stuff.

Things are about to change with the introduction of Citadels, one of the better ideas floated recently and starting to take real shape for deployment this year. I read the FAQ and, have some concerns but, think the idea is positive and fixes some of the current POS issues. I have a feeling small operators like me will lose out in the short term but that is in-line with where Eve is going. Seems to me the days of the individual player are limited but that is probably best left for another time.

Biggest deviation from current mechanics is that you can anchor pretty much anywhere in space and I am not sure if anchor is the right term since a Citadel seems more like a ship than a structure. The fine print indicated they might be a visible in overview and that means visible to anyone and ‘warpable to’ which makes sense in High Sec as you want punters to use your citadel for stuff they currently do in station. Finally all those research and manufacturing slots will be open to the public. But Low Sec and Null ? not so sure about that.

Outposts are going and that could be good for some of the older players. I know of a few people with Carriers stuck in stations that they will never be able to retrieve. This could mean they find them in their hanger bay after the change take effect using the same mechanic they intend to employ for assets in a Citadel that is blown up.

Blowing up stuff is a good thing. Citadels seem to be another way of breaking the Null Sec gridlock and at the same time giving High Sec players some pretty amazing ownership opportunities.

Fly Safe as always,





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