A lot has changed in the landscape of Eve since I began the journey. Back then Pirates honored their ransom, low sec was a place to explore and NBSI didn’t exist. That doesn’t mean that every interaction was warm and fluffy. Not paying attention to local usually ended in a flaming wreck and pod express back home.

The point is that Eve was dangerous and dying had real consequences. You lost stuff and it was normally stuff you had worked hard to get. My first few months was spent exploring and losing stuff.

After I got bored with mining and the poor bounties on the belt rats in Metro, I headed off to a place where they were bigger and had better bounties. Hagilur in Bravigrard was Low Sec space. Ask anyone in the rookie chat channel and they always told you never to go there which is probably why I did.

It wasn’t so bad, I picked up a lot of survival skills that helped me in later years. The biggest learning outcome was don’t fly anything you cant afford to lose and that an angry pilot is a dead one. It also taught me that payers do what they want, when they want and either you adapt or die.

There is no justice in Eve, there is no Space Bushido or social expectation. Some people believe that societal norms from  RL should apply in Eve. There are games out there where fair play is encouraged and rewarded. Not so in Eve.

So lets get to the title of the post – Minerbumping

I know plenty of people that hate CODE agents and what they represent but honestly that anger is misguided. The game allows for that corporation to exist in the same way that it allows us to play the game the way we do. Eve doesn’t have many rules. Players tend to overcomplicate a simple game by bringing in their own expectations. These expectations are not supported by the game as a whole. If I had a million isk for every time I heard someone say that an event or change would be the death of Eve then I would be a trillionaire and I am not.

Removing James and his followers from High Sec will not bring in new players. I doubt they have any impact on newbies at all. The people they kill should know better.

Their site recently reminded me of the two most important lessons in Eve.

  1. If you cant afford to lose it don’t fly it.
  2. Angry pilots die.

End of the day it is a game and if you are smart about the way you play then you will always enjoy it.

Fly Safe,




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