Player Numbers

Did a quick check this morning on Eve-offline to find out how many players were on-line at the time Yad was created. Seems that back in 2006 at around 21:00 there were 20,403 players logged in. Fast forward to 7 April 2015 and there were 28,556.

Hooray more players !

Umm, maybe not. To put it in perspective on 7 April 2010 there were 40,719 players logged in at 21:00. The logged in player numbers ramped up from when I joined the game until around the end of 2010 when we saw the start of a gradual but troubling decline.

Troubling because games need players and almost all the players I used to enjoy the game with are gone. The social side of my game isn’t any more.

So how did I get into Eve?

I first heard of Eve in the gaming forum of a large organization. Posts were passionate and driven. There was a community and the sandbox seemed to be never ending.  I was looking for a stand alone internet-spaceships distraction that I could immerse myself in and in those forums there were these crazies nattering on about Eve.

I dropped in for a look and never really left.

Plenty has changed since then and not all of it has been good but I would like to concentrate on the positives because regardless of the changes over the last couple of years the game still remains one of the best I have had the pleasure to play.

I will leave it there for today.

As always, Fly Safe




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