The end of ’15

Yadot was born 7 Apr 2006 and ignoring a few brief rage quit episodes and just plain old boredom he has in effect been active the whole time.

So what… just another bitter vet? No far from it, more like a concerned player than anything else. I have started this blog to jot down in-game happenings, my thoughts on changes and other stuff.

Only one self imposed rule for what I post and that is no RL ever.

The day before the New Year and not much to report. A brief log on this morning to check some PI and peek outside the station did nothing to keep me glued to the screen. Some Operation Frostline targets but seriously how many Serpentis shirts can one pod pilot wear? There was nothing in the system I call home to warrant staying undocked.

One of the interesting side effects of the Grid Re-size is that you can warp several hundred kilometers from a belt and see if the belt rats are juicy enough to warrant actually warping in and engaging. I know that sometimes you need to land to trigger a spawn but not warping directly to a belt is a safe option, sure I could have BM’d a heap of 150k marks but who has time for that? I haven’t been this excited since I first figured out how to use the scanner and discovered belt rats showed up. They nerfed that 7 years ago, and rightly so, since you don’t need it now. Well done CCP a pre-emptive masterstroke.

Anyway, that is it for today.

Fly Safe.





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